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INCI: Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil

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Ref.: VHON14RF

Brazil Nut tree fruit is highly nutritive, containing 67% of oil approx.
Colour: clear yellowish.
Pleasant : sweet smell and taste.
Three-sides nut with white meat or flesh consisting of 70% fat or oil and 17% protein.
Proteins found are very high in sulphur-containing amino-acids like cysteine (8%) and methionine (18%) and extremely rich in glutamine, glutamic acid and arginine.
The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

Technical Information
¬†Specific gravity (20 ¬įC)¬†0.890 - 0.950 g/cm3
 Acid value (in oleic acid) 5 % max
 Peroxide value max 10 meq/1000g
 Iodine value 70 -130
 Saponification value 150-210 mgKOH/g


                              Fatty Acid composition                                        Adams          Woodroof
                                                                                                           1975                1975
Mystiric acid         C14 : 0
Palmitic acid        C16 : 0
 13.85 13.74
 Palmitoleic acid   C16 : 1 0.45 -
Stearic acid         C18 : 0 10.255.45
Oleic acid           C18 : 1 30.50 42.79
Linoleic acid       C18 : 2 44.90 26.54
Linolenic acid     C18 : 3 -
% Insaturation               
 75.85 69.33


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Oil is commonly used to manufacture soap. The Indigenous Tribes have relied on this oil as an important staple of their diet. They use the oil for cooking, as oil for lamps, soap and livestock feed. Oil acts as a film to impede the evaporation of skin water. It is often used in soaps, shampoos, and hair conditioning and repair products. Wonderful moisturizer, bringing shine and softness to the hair. Also skin moisturizer and can be used in creams to help prevent dryness.


Packaging and Storage
Drum:       190 Kg Net.
Storage: ¬†¬† To store in a cool (8¬įC - 12 ¬įC), dry and dark place.
Shelf life:  18 months (consignment date).