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INCI: Gardenia taitensis Oil

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Ref.: VHON18AU

Origin : French polynesia.

The official decree 93-340 strictly defines the process used to manufacure Monoi, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality.
Monoi de Tahiti is obtained by macerating “Tiare “ blosoms in refined coconut oil, extraced from mature coconuts gathered in French Polynesia.


The Tiare flower has a number of properties.One of the main ingredients is said to be efectve in the treatment of migraine,earcahe,and capable of healing wounds or certain types of eczema. Its has a sensuous fragrance. Its essntial oils is rich in alcohols (benzylic alcohol) terpenic alcohol (linalol,) and esters (methyl-salicylate) well-known for their soothing and purifying properties.
Refined coconut oil.
The Refined coconut oil used in Monoi is obtained at the first pressing and then gently refined using techniques that ensure it has the finest organoleptic poperties.
Rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric acid mainly) coconut oil is remarkably stable. A wellknown emulsifing ingredient, it also conributes to a smoother skin, thanks to its emollient properties.


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Moisturizing progressive and long lasting
Reparative on dry and damaged hair
Soothing (sun care and outdoor products)
Purifying (toiletries, oily skin tretament)