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INCI: Olive (Olea Europea) Fruit Oil

CAS N°.: 8024-32-6

EINECS N°.: 232-277-0

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Ref.: FHON15EU

The beneficial effects of Olive oil are well known. Olive Oil has been a traditional part of the Mediterranean culture and diet since ancient times. More recently, Olive Oil has become highly appreciated world wide.
For centuries, Olive Oil has been used to relieve the effects of stings and burns, as a hair tonic and as a skin lubricant.
Modern refining techniques allow the preparation of Refined Olive Oil having low odor and a light yellow / golden color. This greatly increases the interest and ease of use of Olive Oil in cosmetic creams, lotions, oils etc....


Technical Information
 ColourClear, oily liquid  Visual
 Refractive index at 20°CYellow / golden Visual
Specific gravity, 20°C0,910 - 0,916  ISO 6883
 Acid value (g KOH/g)
1,0 max  ISO 660
 Peroxide value (meq/Kg)
5,0 max ISO 3960
 Iodine value (g/I2/100)
93 - 105 ISO 3961
 Saponification value (mg KOH/g)
185 -195 ISO 3657


Packaging and Storage
New steel drums 190 kg net, plastic drums 25 kg net.
Packed under nitrogen.
Store in original containers in a cool dry place.

Shelf life
12 months in original unopened packaging.

oluble in mineral oils, iso propyl esters, ethanol etc.
Not soluble in water.