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INCI: Theobroma grandiflora butter

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Ref.: BUON05RF

Origin: The Cupuaçu is cultivated mainly on Brazil.
The Arboreal fruit is considered pre-Colombian crop plant still found wild.
Cupuaçu butter is a triglyceride presenting a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which allows checks to the product at low fusion point (approx : 30°c) and has an aspect of a soft solid that founds quickly when entering in contact with the skin.

Technical Information
Palmitic acid C16 : 0 7,2
Stearic acid
 C18 : 030,8
Oleic acid
 C18 : 1 43,9
Linoleic acid
 C18 : 24,6
Arachidic acid
 C20 : 0 11,0
 Behenic acid C22 : 01,8

Also traces or small amounts of myristic, palmitoleic, heptadecanoic, linoleic and galadoleic acids.
Contains also phytosterols as unsaponifiable fraction that acts at cellular level regulating the balance and the activity of the lipids of the superficial layer of skin.
Phytosterols have been used for local application skin treatment and ulcerations in order to stimulate the cicatrisation process.

Unsaponifiable fraction


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
High capacity of water absorption, approx 240% superior to the Lanolin helps in the emulsion stability. Therefore can replace Lanolin (also in case of problems with odour and colour)
Excellent emollient. Pleasant touch. Softness to the skin. Facilitates elasticity in battered skins.
Long-lasting moisturizer. Absorbance grade of UV rays esp. UVB and UVC
Similar properties as cocoa butter.


Packaging and Storage
Drum: 30 Kg Net.
Storage: To store in a cool (8°C - 12 °C), dry and dark place.
Shelf life: 12 months (consignment date).