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INCI: Cananga Odorata Flower Oil

CAS N°.: 8006-81-3

EINECS N°.: 281-092-2

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Ref.: EXON01MA

Origin : Madagascar – Noci be Island
This small tree is cut so that flowers are at hand for the harvest in full maturity, essentially during the rainy season (november to march). Flowers are light yellow, in star shape.
A tree of ten years old can provide up to 15 kilos of flowers, but you need hundreds of kilos to make one liter of essential oil of a variable quality, from super extra to essence quality.
Use in perfumes is quite recent, Ylan-Ylang has a powerfull fragrance which gets volume and sweetness in perfumes compositions.


Oily opalescent yellow liquid, whith powerfull floral, afforested and balsamic aromas.
Essential oil is obtained from the flowers, extracted by distillation through water vapor.


Linalol, geraniol, pinen, benzyl acetate.


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Hypotensor, antiseptic and cellular regenerative.

May be used as :

  • Massage oil
  • Aroma diffuser in aroma mixtures

Warning : may cause headhache and nausea.