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INCI:  Bambusa Arundinacea Dry Extract

Indian name: Tabashir

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Ref.: EXON01EN

Origin : Asia, mostly South India and Bengal.

Tabashir is a siliceaous resin found in the nodes of the female bamboo.
The content is as high as 85 %.
Tabashir contains iron, calcium, choline, and betaine, traditionally used in Indian phytotherapy for its remineralizing properties in the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis and for strengthening hair and nails..


Technical Information
 Color White crystalline andgranular powder
 SolubilitySparingly soluble inwater and solvents
 Loss on drying at 105°C7,47% w:w
Bulk density0,62 mg/ml
Content of silica as per IP 1996
Not less than 79,63 %


The synergetic blending of mineral properties makes Tabashir an excellent and effective re-mineralizing agent useful in cases of osteoarthritis, painful joints, fragility of the cartilage (osteoporosis), hair or nails, and in prevention of the consequences of arteriosclerosis.
Silica is one of the most important constituents in the body’s connective tissue including cartilage, arteries, tendons, and ligaments.
It functions as a cross-liking agent, providing strength, flexibility and resilience to collagen and elastin connective tissues.
It is also known to play a part in the integrity of the bones, arterial walls, skin, teeth, gum, hair and nails and has been used to alleviate psoriasis and eczema. Recent research has demonstrated its efficacy in rheumatic disorders and arterial disease.Maintaining a high level of silica retard the aging process.

Recommended from 1 to 5 % for mild exfoliating products.
Face and body scrubs – Body wash.


Cosmetic Application
Tabashir helps to:
    • Stough away dulling cells on the skin surface
    • Brighten skin tone
    • Refine skin texture
    • Loosen clogged pores