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Olive Derived Squalane

INCI:  Squalane

CAS N¬į.: 111-01-3

EINECS N¬į.: 203-825-6
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Japan CLS: 520-576-42

Ref.: MION02EU

The unsaponifiable fraction of Olive Oil contains, as a predominant component, the natural hydrocarbon, Squalene. Hydrogenation of this unsaponifiable fraction provides OLIVE DERIVED SQUALANE.
Low temperature chromatographic purification techniques which assure a final product of consistent high quality have been developed and no solvents are used at any stage of the manufacturing process for the production of Olive Derived SQUALANE.
Olive Derived SQUALANE is stable. No preserving agents or antioxidants are incorporated. It is equivalent to the human sebum and presents perfect compatibility with the skin.
Completely non-toxic, without color or odor, Olive Derived SQUALANE is perfectly adapted to modern up-market cosmetic formulations.
No animal testing has been carried out.


Technical Information
  Specification Method
Appearance (20 ¬įC)¬†¬†Clear oil¬†Visual
 ColorColorless / 10 max.  Visual / APHA
Odor Odorless Olfactory
¬†Specific gravity (20 ¬įC)0,810 ‚Äď 0,820¬†ISO 6883
Refractive Index (20 ¬įC)1,452 ‚Äď 1,458¬†ISO 6320
Acid value
0,1 max. ISO 660
 Saponification value 1,0 max. ISO 3657
 Iodine value 4,0 max. ISO 3961
 Residue on ignition (%) 0,1 max. ISO 6884
 Assay squalane (%) 93,0 min. G.L.C.


Properties ans Cosmetic Applications

A natural emollient , Olive Derived SQUALANE
    - exhibits a high affinity for the skin and imparts a non greasy, silky feeling to the skin
    - spreads easily and is an excellent pigment dispersing agent as well as a valuable fixative for perfumes
    - helps to relieve skin dryness and roughness

Olive Derived SQUALANE may be used up to 15% in oils and from 2 to 12% in emulsions. It is particularly recommended for:
- skin care protecting, regeneration: moisturising in creams, milks, cleansers, oils, anti-ageing products
- sun care / after sun products: creams, milks, oils....
- hair care: conditioners, shampoos....
- make up: lipsticks, mascara, liquid make up, powders, nail care products
- personal care / aromatherapy: perfume carrier, massage oils, bath oils.....


Packaging and Storage

Packaging     New steel drums 170 kg net, plastic drums 25 kg net, Packed under nitrogen
Storage        Store in original containers in a cool dry placeShelf life 12 months in original unopened packaging
Solubility       Soluble in natural oils and non polar organic solvents. Not soluble in water
Safety           Refer to MSDS. Not considered hazardous