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INCI: Mauritia Flexuosa Oil

CAS N°.: 394239-67-9

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Ref.: VHON22RF

Buriti Oil may be the nectar of the Gods - at least in Brazil. The Moriche Palm, Mauritia flexuosa, also known as the Buriti tree, is a palm tree that grows in and near swamps and other wet areas in tropical South America. Natives call it «the Tree of Life» which is the literal translation of Buriti. The entire tree has varied uses, and indeed may be a rare gem in the Amazonian jungle.
The Buriti (pronounced bu-REE-chee) palm grows to a towering height of up to 35 meters, with a palm spread that resembles a rounded crown. Beautiful pale yellow blooms adorn the tree from December to April, and an almost artificial-looking ridged fruit grows from December to June. The nearly perfectly shaped fruit has shiny chestnut colored scales, and the edible, yellow, fleshy fruit has a high vitamin C content.
The Buriti palm is suitable for human use in a variety of ways. The sweet fruit is used to make beverages, preserves and ice cream. Buriti oil is high in vitamin A and is coldpressed from the pulp. Natives use the healing oil to treat burns because of its soothing qualities. The inflorescence buds are eaten as a vegetable, and the sap can be made into a juice or allowed to ferment to make a wine. Threads and cords are locally produced from the tree’s fibers.


Technical Information
Appearance Transparent Oil
ColorLightly red
Density at 25°C0.800 to 0.950
Saponification index185 to 210 (mg KOH/g)


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
In the cosmetic world, Buriti oil is highly prized for the essential Fatty Acids and emollients that work overtime at keeping skin smooth. The antioxidant properties of Buriti oil also have skin repairing and protecting properties. In fact, the concentration of carotene in Buriti oil is even higher than that in carrot oil.

Buriti oil is moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,,healing and sedative in solar burn.
Provides soothing effect.
May be used in cosmetics formulations such as :

  • Anti aging creams
  • Sun and aftersun products
  • Hair products (for damaged and colored hair)
  • Liquid soap, bar soap, shower gel
  • All kind of creams, emulsions or lotions for the skin.

Concentration 1 to 5 %.


Packaging and Storage
Storage:    Store in tightly closed container, away from any sources of light or heat.
Shelf life:   24 months from manufacturing date.