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INCI: Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil

CAS N°.: 90082-21-6

EINECS N°.: 290-109-1

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Ref.: VHON28AF

Prickly Pear or Opuntia is part of the cactus family. This species comes originally from Mexico then has been widespread in various arid and semiarid parts of the world.
Today the cactus is cultivated in southern Marocco. Pulp of the fruits has a high nutritional potential and is used for food and feed industries. The seeds, which contain only 5% of oil, are cold pressed to obtain a very rich and precious oil.
This exotic oil has an exceptional composition : more than 75% of unsaturated fatty acid (65% of linoleic acid), and high rate of tocopherols (more than 1000mg/kg).
These elements provide a high anti oxidative activity and allow to moisturize deeply the skin.


Technical Information
 AppearanceYellow-green viscous liquid
Odour Characteristic
Free Fatty Acid (% Oleic acid)0.11%
 Peroxide value (meq O2/Kg)
Unsaponifiable content1.26 %
Total Sterols (mg/100g) 9.33
 Total Tocopherols (mg/100G) 108.5
Palmitic acid C16 : 012.8 %
 Palmitoleic acid C16 :1 0.8 %
Stearic acid
 C18 : 02.8 %
Oleic acid
 C18 : 117.5 %
Linoleic acid
 C18 : 263.9 %
Linolenic acid
C18 : 3
0.3 %


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
The high content in vitamine E and linoleic acid (omega 6) give Opuntia Oil special anti oxidative
and anti aging properties .
As it is a very sweet and light oil, it penetrates very easely into the epidermis and let a velvety
Excellent emollient and skin softener,it may be used in cosmetics such as :

  • Anti aging products : creams,lotions, oils, serum
  • Skin care product for hands ans feet for severe dryness
  • Hair care product for dry hair



Keep in a cool dry place, avoid light exposure.