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INCI:  Theobroma Cacao Shell Powder
CAS N°.: 84689-99-0

EINECS N°.: 283-480-6

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Ref.: EXON05AF

Cocoa scrub is a fine powder obtained from the shell of the cocoa beans.
This very soft powder is very stable and adapted to any formulation, even those containing water.
According to the particle’s size, the exfoliation process will be more or less powerful.


Technical Information
 Appearance Fine powder
 Microbiology< 100 cfu/g


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Strong slimming and stimulating actions :
Cocoa bean shell contains theobromine, a methylxanthine very similar to caffeine, and appreciated
for its draining and detoxifying actions.
Cacao is also rich in beta-phenylethylamine, useful in cosmetics for its stimulating, energizing
powder, and for the feeling of well- being and comfort that it induces to the skin.
May be used in all kind of preparations such as cream, gel, paste, powder.

Cocoa Scrub 1000 Strong exfoliation
Cocoa Scrub 500 Body exfoliation
Cocoa Scrub 200 Face and Body exfoliation





Packaging and Shelf Life
Packaging : 10kg drum
Shelf life : 24 months, store in a cool dry place