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INCI:  Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Powder
CAS N°.: 68650-44-2

EINECS N°.: 272-046-1

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Ref.: EXON06EU

Apricot Scrub is a well sieved powder obtained from the apricot kernel. It is very


Technical Information
 Appearance Powder
 ColorLight brown
 Microbiology< 100 cfu/g


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Apricot Scrub is adapted to any formulation type, even those based on water, such as cream,
gel, paste, powder, soaps.
Apricot Scrub is available in three different grades, according to the size of the particules, the
exfoliation is more or less powerful.

 Apricot Scrub 1000 Strong exfoliation, Body and soap bar
 Apricot Scrub 500 Body exfoliation
 Apricot Scrub 200 Face and Body exfoliation





Packaging and Shelf Life
Packaging : 20kg drum
Shelf life : 24 months