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INCI: Juglans Regia Shell Powder

CAS N°.: 84012-43-1

EINECS N°.: 281-688-1

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Ref.: EXON09EU

Walnut is the fruit of a large tree cultivated in Grenoble area in the French Alps.
Once gathered and dried, walnuts are halved to separate the fruit from the shell.
The shell is then finely ground to get a sand-like powder made of homogeneous granules.


Technical Information
 Appearance Powder
 Microbiology< 100 cfu/g


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Walnut Scrub is very stable and adapted to any type of formulation : cream, gel, paste, powder,
soap bars .
According to the particles’ size, the exfoliation process will permit a deep-skin cleansing for
a radiant skin.
Walnut Scrub is available in three different grades :

Walnut Scrub 1000 Strong exfoliation, Soaps
Walnut Scrub 500 Body exfoliation
Walnut Scrub 200 Face and Gentle Body exfoliation





Packaging and Shelf Life
Packaging : 10 kg drum
Shelf life : 24 months