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INCI: Pentaclethra macroloba seed  Oil

CAS N°.: 866620-18-0

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Ref.: VHON39AF

In the Amazon region Pracaxi is the popular name of a tree, which grows wildely in wet tropical areas allaround the northeastern part of South America from Venezuela through the Guianas and into the Amazon forest.The oil is obtained by a natural cold press process of the seeds and flesh, using no solvent nor any chemicals. Hence allowing to keep the best properties of the fruit for Cosmetic use.
Pracaxi seed oil has been used for generations for treatment of skin spots, depigmentation, severe acne and acne scars, it helps to hydrate and promote cellular renewal.
As a powerful antiseptic it is often used in hospital to cleanse skin after surgery also to treat bites from snakes and the healing of ulcers.
Helps in the prevention of stretch marks. Ideal to treat skin infections. Useful in treating dry and tired skin, to avoid wrinkles and pigmentation marks by speeding up the healing process. Suitable for  all kind of skin.

Pracaxi oil has one of the highest level of behenic acid among natural products.
- promotes conditioning action to the hair;
- promotes smooth feel to the hair and skin;
- improves wet compatibility;of hair and skin care pro-ducts,
- increases hair brightness;
- helps to promote more viscosity in emulsions (promoting stabilization);
- is compatible with cationic agents.

Technical Information
 Appearance Viscous Oil Translucent
 Color Slightly Yellow
Iodine Value (gl2/100g) 60.000 - 110.000
 Peroxide index
< 10 meq/Kg
 Refractive Index 1.4650 - 1.4750
 Saponification value 150.00 - 195.00
Solubility in waterInsoluble
 Lauric acid
 < 0.12 %
Mystiric acid < 0.43 %
Palmitic acid < 5.00 %
 Palmitoleic acid  < 5.00 %
Stearic acid
< 5.00 %
Oleic acid
 35.00 - 75.00 %
 Arachidic Acid < 1.00 %
Linoleic acid
 10.00 - 25.00 %
Linolenic acid
 < 0.50 %
Gadoleic acid  < 1.50 %
Behenic Acid
 10.00 - 25.00 %
 Euricic Acid < 1.00 %
 Lignoceric Acid 10.00 - 15.00 %


Cosmetic Applications
It can be incorporated in a big variety of hair and skin care pro-ducts, such as: leave-on and rinse-off conditioner, hair conditio-ners and masks, cream and lotions.