Awara Pulp Oil refined E-mail
INCI: Astrocaryum Vulgare Oil

CAS N°.: 98143-57-8

EINECS N°.: 308-622-7

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Ref.: VHON44RF

Awara palm is native to the oriental area of the Amazon Basin. Its oil is extracted from the pulp by cold pressing process (without chemical).

Refining process: the oil is ultra refined through molecular distillation (patented process), an advanced technique of purification and of high performance. The result of the natural process conducted under delicate conditions are the preservation of all bioactive components of the final products, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins (among other pro-vitamin A).
The Awara Pulp Oil acquires in this way high chemical stability, and its free of impurities such as oxidizing agents, peroxides and free fatty acids.
Awara Pulp Oil is one of the largest natural sources of pro-vitamin A (natural sunscreen), and it also presents a high level of unsaturated fatty acids and coenzyms, providing a high applicability in sunscreen and anti ageing products.

Technical Information
 Appearance at 20°C  Viscous liquid
 Colour Red
 Odour  Characteristic
 Saponification index (mg KOH/g))  175 - 200
 Free Fatty acid (% weight)  ≤  1
 Peroxide index (meq O2/Kg) ≤ 5
 β-caroten (ppm)  2000 to 3000
 Total plate count (CFU/ml)  ≤  100
Palmitic acid C16 : 0 23 - 29
Stearic acid C18 : 0  4 - 6
Oleic acid C18 : 1 60 - 72
Linoleic acid C18 : 2 2 - 5
 Linolenic acid C18 : 3 4 - 6
 Others  ≤  3


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Activity: hydratation, nitrition (Pro-vitamin A), sunscreen, antioxydant, antiageing (Q10 and Q9 coenzyms).
Application for cosmeceutic/pharmaceutic : creams, lotions, relaxing massageoils, soaps, shampoos (humans, animal), as well as medicines, as pro-vitamin A.


Packaging and Storage
Storage : Store in tightly closed containers, away from any sources of light or heat.
Packaging : 1,5 and 20 kg (under nitrogen).