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INCI: Butyrospermul Parkii Oil

CAS N°.: 91080-23-8
EINECS N°.: 293-515-7

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Ref.: VHON41AF

Shea Oil is the olein fraction derived from the Shea butter. It presents high contents in diglycerides, usaponifiables and sterol esters. It is a very good moisturizer and an excellent emollient in all types of skin care creams and lotions.


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Shea oil is an excellent alternative to the semi-solid Shea butter in many types od cosmetic formulation. Because it is liquid at room temprature, it is a choice ingredient to be used in cold precess formulations. This liquid character makes it easy to formulate emulsion with no adverse crystallisation effects and high content of Shea butter unsaponifiables.
Shea oil helps to protect epidermis and maintain the integrity of stratum corneum thanks to its composition in essential fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponifiable matter (abt 8%).
It has good moisturizing and skin softening effect generally associated with Shea butter.
Because of its high content of unsaponifiable, it can contribute to skin repair and soothing action.
It may be used in all kind of applications : facial care, body care, sun-care and sunscreens.
It may also be used as a liquid emollient in anhydrous products ranging from body butters to lip balms.
It is also a good ingredient for hair care application where 0.5 to 1% addition in a conditioner may help to improve gloss ans moisture retention in the hair.
Shea Oil has a good stability versus oxidation.


Packaging and Storage
12-24 months in a cooldry place, in tightly closed containers.