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INCI: Solanum Lycopersium Seed Oil
CAS N°.: 90130-63-8
EINECS N°.: 290-6375-9

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Ref.: FHON40EU


Tomato Oil is obtained by cold pressing, decantation and filtration of the tomato seeds
It contains all the nutrinents contained in the tomatoes and can be considered totally natural.


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Tomato oil is rich in unsatured fatty acid (80%); omega 6 (56%) and omega 3 (2%).
It contains phytosterols (400mg/100g), tocopherols (115mg/100g) and others antioxidants (Lycopen and betacaroten mainly).
This makes tomato oil a goog ingredient for cosmetics (skincare and hair care) and in particular for anti-ageing products and sun products (UVA/UVB blocker).

Packaging and Storage
Shelf life: 12-24 months in cool dry place, in tightly closed container.