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INCI:  Paullinia Cupana Seed Powder

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Ref.: EXON15RF

Origin: Amazonian rainforest
The exfoliating powder is obtained from the seeds of the Guarana tree.
Guarana scrub is water resistant and stable in any formulation type.
The scrub exists in three different grades ( 2000, 1000 and 500 IJm).
According to the particles' size the exfoliation process can be more or less powerful.


Technical Information
 Appearance Fine powder
 Microbiology< 100 cfu/g


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Guarana is rich in guaranin. This substance is very similar to caffeine, with strong stimulating and energizing
properties. Guarana also contains other interesting substances such as theobromin and numerous minerals elements.
May be used in all kind of cosmetic formulations such as cream, gel, paste and powder.
- Guarana scrub 2000 IJm : strong exfoliation
- Guarana scrub 1000 IJm : body exfoliation
- Guarana scrub 500 IJm : face and body exfoliation.



Packaging and Shelf Life
Packaging : 10kg drum
Shelf life : 24 months, store in a cool dry place