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INCI: Momordica Cochinchinensis seed aril oil

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Gac fruit oil with high contents of Vitamin A and Vitamin E is also known as baby jackfruit and sweet gourd, the bright red spiny fruit about the size of a cantaloupe is bursting with powerful antioxidants such as beta carotene and lycopene to boost the immune system and slow down the symptoms of aging. Gac fruit oil is especially rich in vitamin.Xeoxanthins and alpha-tocopherol are anti free radicals and forms of vitamin E contained in the oil.

Technical Information
Appearance (25°C)Light orange red to dark orange red opaque liquid
Odor Characteristic
Moiture Max 0.5 %
Bio-active ingredients

 Lycopene (HPLC)
 ß-carotne (HPLC)

Specific Gravity (77F)  0.9456 - 1.0156
Refractive Index (68F) 1.3404 - 1.356
 Boiling point (F)
Vlosed Cup


Properties and Cosmetic Applications
Apricot kernel oil is used in cosmetics as a base for skin oils and creams where its stability is very much appreciated.


Packaging and Storage
Storage:        Light protected and not above room temperature, in tightly sealed containers.
Shelf life:       18 months (consignment date).